Thrilling visitor

Thrilling visitor


Joe CraigThere’s a thrilling author visit in store for Linton Village College, sponsored by Linton Children’s Book Festival.

Joe Craig, author of the gripping Jimmy Coates adventure book series, will address Y7 students and inspire them to let their imaginations run wild. Y6 students from local junior schools have also been invited to meet Joe.

Joe says of his school visits: My aim with every school event I do is to make my visit the single most memorable event in the school life of every student in the room.

My sessions are high-energy and highly interactive. I’m aiming to re-ignite the audience’s imagination and let loose their story ideas, however wacky or brilliant, while showing them how to structure them into something people will want to read. It’s a lot of fun, but the goal is to inspire students to see reading and writing in a whole new light and give them some basic tools to come up with wonderful and original stories themselves.

Joe has travelled all over the UK, and even hit schools in Australia and the US. As we know from his appearance at Linton Bookfest in 2008, his events abound with energy and humour, and can really generate excitement in a hall full of kids. It’ll be awesome to see you back in the village, Joe!

The visit will take place on Thursday 25 February.



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Linton Children's Book Festival at Linton Village College May 2018

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