Let Me Introduce…

We like to give our visiting authors and artists a big build up when we introduce them at the festival.

Can you write a perfect introduction for one of our presenters, to tell the audience about their books and why they are special to you?

Choose any of the authors or illustrators in our programme and write an introduction for them using no more than 150 words.  OR, if you prefer to draw or paint, please send us an illustration inspired by any of the books featured at the festival.

The winning entries will be read out or displayed at the start of the festival presentations, and you will have the chance to meet the author or illustrator who inspired you!

Your entry (1 per participant) must be on A4 paper.  Please write your name, age and contact phone number on the back of your work and place it in one of the competition boxes located at Linton Infants, Linton Heights, Granta School or Linton Library.  Alternatively you can post your entry to:

Linton Children’s Book Festival, 4 Mill Lane, Linton, CB21 4JY

All entries must be submitted by Wednesday 11th May 2016.

Winners in each age category will receive a prize during the festival weekend and all entries will be displayed.

Wizard’s Quest

A treasure trail around Linton from 7th May 2016

Ten famous witches and wizards have escaped from children’s books and are hiding around Linton. Each of them has a magical object or creature with them.  Use the map to track them all down and write down the magical item (or draw a picture of it).

Leaflet available from Sweet Talk News or click here.

When you have found all ten, bring your trail leaflet to the Reception Desk at the Book Festival  on Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd May and collect your prize.

Bookmark Competition

Supported by Heffers, two winners will each receive £50 of Heffers vouchers as well as having their design made into bookmarks and made available in Heffers bookshops.

Print out the competition template from here.


Nearly 50 brand new children’s books will be released into the wild in Linton from the middle of May.  Will you be lucky enough to find one?  If you do please record your find on the BookCrossing website, read and release again!


Linton Children's Book Festival at Linton Village College May 2018

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