Arts Award

Arts Award




Linton Children’s Book Festival is proud to be an Arts Award Supporter.

Our Festival is a celebration of kids, books and creativity which takes place every two years in the South Cambridgeshire village of Linton.

Our next major event will take place 19-20 May 2018.

We offer activities suitable for all ages and all levels of Arts Award, for example you can:

  • attend presentations and participate in workshops offered by authors/illustrators/storytellers;
  • record events by writing reviews for our blog;
  • be a festival volunteer;
  • organise a bookfest activity for younger children;
  • help promote our event using social media;
  • interview authors & illustrators.

We would also love to hear about your own ideas and initiatives.


For teachers and other professionals:

We are eager to work with teachers and other professionals supporting Arts Award students. We would love to explore ideas which will promote our free event and help you and your students make the most of all that our festival offers.

Linton Children's Book Festival at Linton Village College May 2016

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